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Customer Accolades

We just received a big card from a good customer: "Dear Mr. Jeff & Mrs. Rosie Frazier, Thank you for repairing our instruments and especially the donation of a saxophone.....The Calvary Baptist Academy Band!, Shreveport, Louisiana" That makes our day!


You have an amazing gift!!!!!! I cannot find the words to describe how wonderful my baby plays and looks!!!! The tone is so bright and clear!!! It literally fills the auditorium of the church and I'm putting almost no effort into playing! The key action is so incredibly light, I'm literally flying over the keys almost as fast as I can think!!! Your work makes me sound so much better than I really am haahaa!!!

When I first opened the case my very first thought was "delicate". This horn is too delicate for me to hold much less play! She is the most beautiful sax I have ever seen!!! To imagine this is what she would have looked like in 1936 amazes me that anyone would have covered her in plain lacquer. My wife took one look at her and said, "Aren't you glad you chose to restore it to it's original look?"

I most certainly am. I am glad Bear sent me your direction. I am glad you took the time to tell me what my baby looked like originally and I am glad you took so much care and patience into restoring my sax to her original glory!!! I will make good use of your God given talent and passion to play to His glory!!!! "Thank You" just does not seem at all adequate.

I hope you add my comments and pictures of your wonderful restoration to your website as you see fit. I would love others to see what a silver sax should look like!!!

I found this sax in 1990, all beat up but still very playable. I knew one day I would have the money and find the one person that could return my baby to her original beauty.......I waited 21 years for this moment and I'm so humbly thankful that God led me to you, brother. Thank you so very much!

With utmost and humble Sincerity,

Eric D Johnson


I play alto sax in the Shreveport Metropolitan Concert Band and with a trio that goes to local nursing homes. Jeff Frazier has fine tuned both my saxes when needed but the biggest project was the "sax kit" I challenged him with. My son found an old sax at a flea market that he thought I might like to turn into a lamp. The keys and springs were all loose in the bottom of the case and the bell was jammed toward the body of the sax. Jeff more or less built me a sax, replacing keys and springs, straightening the bell and rebuilding a tone hole a previous owner had filed level. It has become my favorite horn and the one I play most of the time.  I definitely recommend his work. He's a fine sax player and understands the needs of musicians.

Maggie Casto

Conn Transitional tenor saxophone                       
The Conn is fantastic.  I had a short shift at work yesterday, and I was completely excited to be able to go home and play the sax.  I sat on the front porch for two hours playing Improvisation et Caprice, Sonata No 3, Rubank Advanced, etc.  The sax has no problem with the Caprice!  The high notes just come out beautifully, as well as the low notes being easier to achieve than any other sax I have ever played.  The low notes are full, and dark-you could say lucious. The altissimo.... IS AMAZING!  I have never been able to achieve altissimo as easy as on this saxophone.  I do not have to accent the altissimo to make it sound better, it almost comes naturally.  This sax has everything.  I will definitely send you more horns as soon as it is possible. Yesterday a few of my neighbors came up the street, who are from my Church,  just to tell me how great I sounded.  I cannot wait to go to practice at church on Wednesday. This sax is the Rolls-Royce of  Saxophones!

  I would like to let anyone who is considering getting their saxophone redone, that Doc Frazier is VERY professional.  He is a fantastic guy to deal with, and is there to answer your questions.  I probably annoyed him to death, but he still answered my questions. This sax is beautiful.  I have seen many restorations done wrong, and let me just say, this sax was done just as Doc Frazier said, "Right out of the Conn Factory."  Thanks for your time Doc.  I now sound better, can play better, and I even have more knowledge about saxophone repair.  God Bless.

- I.K.                     Uniontown, Pa

Selmer Mk VII tenor saxophone                                

Dear Jeff,

I wanted to acknowledge the fine job you did refurbishing my Selmer tenor recently. Because the horn was really beginning to look bad after long years of professional use, I had asked you to refinish it and to change it from the original lacquered brass finish to a silver finish, with gold keys and gold inside the bell. I was impressed by work you had already done on other instruments, and hoped you could accomplish similar results on my horn.

Honestly, I was amazed with the results of your efforts on this instrument. The pictures on your website only suggest the striking appearance this sax presents in person, and it plays like a brand new Selmer, especially with the special stainless steel springs and kangaroo pads you installed. Thanks again and congratulations on a job well done. I would certainly recommend you to anyone else with a sax needing mechanical or cosmetic restoration.

Sincerely yours,

Clair F. White in Shreveport, Louisiana

Selmer Centered Tone clarinet                                    
Hi to all: Doc at J and J just completed a full repad and tune up
on my 50's vintage Selmer Paris clarinet, and the job that he did was great, from the turn around time, quality of the job, price, and excellent communications. The horn now plays better than ever!  Thanks, Doc.
W. K. in Sunnyvale, California

Martin C melody saxphone                                          
I received the sax on Thursday, "NICE JOB!".  I got a chance to play it, at first it was a little hard to play, but I figured that the reed was a little stiff so I softened it with a razor blade and it playes great. Just like I remember playing it in the Fifties.  Thanks a lot for all your hard work.
As soon as I get the money saved I will be sending you my Tenor Sax to look at, probably in about 6 months.  It needs to be checked over for leaks, etc.  It is also a Martin, I think about the same age as the C Mel, maybe a little newer.
Thanks Again,
G.A.  in New York

Gold and Silver plating                                                 
"My shop typically sends all our plating work to a nationally known plater.  After some recent frustrating results, I decided to go elsewhere.  I met Jeff after looking for some obscure instrument parts and found out he did electro-plating. The work he turned out was fantastic.  Not only was their turn-around time faster, but the work was much cleaner than the previous company's. I highly recommend J and J Woodwinds for their plating work. They are extremely nice people to work with and very helpful."


Jonathan Cathell
Consistent-C Instrument Repair
Specializing in Saxophones and Woodwinds
3801 Dayton Boulevard
Chattanooga, TN 37415
(423)870-3697 business
(423)870-3689 fax

Conn C Melody saxophone                                      


I received the sax today - YEAH!!! It plays and sounds great! A much more focused sound than before. I really like it and it is very unique compared to my other saxes and will make a great compliment to what I already have. Now I wish I could send you my alto, but I can't afford to be without it. I do have an old Conn 12M bari I was thinking of having rebuilt.

Tell your son he did a great job on his CD. His sound is not typical for what you hear, a little cleaner (less reedy sounding), and yet very open sounding. I like it a lot. I'm curious what he uses for a setup.

Thanks again and GOD bless. If you ever need me for a reference, just ask.

Marshall Bradshaw MSG NGB-ARNG

Master Sergeant
Chaplain Assistant NCO
Office of the Chaplain
National Guard Bureau
1411 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Suite 9500
Arlington, VA 22202-3231

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