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This is the picture of a sax that we thought we were buying. It turned out NOT to be the one

This is what happens when we are sent a lemon (above). That was supposed to be the one I was buying. The seller was not very honest with us. What we received was a piece of junk! We took it and turned it into something special! Yes, that is a 1919 STRAIGHT Pan American C melody sax that actually plays and in tune! (below) What can your amagination come up with?

Custom 1919 Pan American STRAIGHT C melody sax


A BIG Conn bass in new silver!

Custom Conn 6M

Conn 6M in satin/bright 24K gold

Extreme Custom Conn 12M bari sax for Jena High School Jena, Louisiana

Full Custom 1940's H.A.Selmer Bundy alto sax

1879 Echo-Bell Cornet

1958 "The Martin" bari saxophone - "Hurricane Katrina" survivor!

1925 Conn M series C melody sax "Hurricane Katrina" survivor!

Customized 1962 Conn alto sax

Custom restored Selmer Mark 7 tenor saxophone

Custom 24K gold plated Selmer Mark 7 alto saxophone

50th Anniversary restoration 1957 Conn 16M tenor saxophone

Pan American alto saxophone

Restored Conn Transitional tenor saxophone

Yamaha YAS-61 alto saxophone

Customized Prestini soprano saxophone

Customized Bundy tenor saxophone

Prestini alto saxophone

"Hulk" green Lyon and Healy trumpet

Restored Buescher Bb soprano saxophone

Conn Artist trombone

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